Europe Photos

Here are photos I’ve been wanting to share from our November trip to London, Amsterdam and Paris.  The reason for the trip was to perform at the chickfactor for the love of pop festival in London.  Brian and I traveled with Jim & Emily from Jim Ruiz Set.  We backed them in Jim Ruiz Set, and they backed us in The Starfolk.  It was a lot of effort to get our sets together with the new Euro line ups, but rehearsing with Jim and Emily was half the fun.  A few days before we left we had a run through for both bands at The Chapel in Northfield, MN.

The Chapel in Northfield

Warm up gig at The Chapel

the night plane to London

the night plane to London



airplane wing

Umi Hotel

We stayed at Umi Hotel in Bayswater.  I love that they use refillable bottles for water that they filter in house! Very eco-forward.  Actually I shouldn’t say “forward,” because this should be the standard.  It’s very eco-now.

I love that they use refillable bottles for water filtered in house!  Very eco-forward.

Chickfactor: for the love of pop!  london was a whirlwind.  We saw some outstanding bands.  The highlight (other than playing!) was seeing the Would-Be-Goods for the first time.  I didn’t snap a photo but listen to their captivating song Esperanza to which Jim Ruiz introduced me last year.

chickfactor "for the love of pop" showcase at the lexington

Tender Trap:  The crowd went wild at sound check

Jim Ruiz Set

Jim Ruiz Set

Bridget St. John

Bridget St. John



Tender Trap

Tender Trap

I loved visiting the Tate Modern Art Museum.

The Surrealist Group

The Melancholy of Departure

The Melancholy of Departure

biscuit fingers!

biscuit fingers!

Before we knew it it was time to go to Amsterdam by overnight ferry.

Jim Ruiz Set + The Starfolk, overnight ferry to Amsterdam

Jim Ruiz Set + The Starfolk

On the boat Jim revealed the near lethal adorable-ness of his old London Transport Photo.

The Young Mr. Ruiz: Jim's old London Transport photo

The Young Mr. Ruiz

The first three nights we stayed on a houseboat in North Amsterdam.  It was rustic, chilly, and added a lot to the adventure.  Four bikes included.



inside the houseboat

Sir Brian stood sentinel to defend the ship from marauders.  And mice.

inside houseboat

Window sill.

houseboat windowsill


the houseboat came with four bikes

We used bikes and a free 24 hour ferry to get downtown everyday, and walked everywhere from there.  I fell in love with Amsterdam, and was amazed by their bike culture.  You see every age and type of person on a bike.  Wearing heels, sipping drinks, hauling kids around, or balancing a giant cardboard box on one shoulder.  It’s not an environmental thing or a health thing, it’s just widely recognized as a great way to get around.



Jim at Febo

Jim at Febo

febo food

Appel Flaps and Wafels.



Pretty Matchbox

Pretty Matchbox

On the fourth night Brian and I moved across town to stay in a garden house recommended by our friends Jeff and Kathy.  It was so pretty we hardly wanted to set foot outside.

garden house 01garden house 02

garden house 03garden house 04

garden house 05garden house 06garden house 07garden house 08

The bed was in a loft.

garden house 09

Views from the loft.

garden house 10

garden house 11

Making  dinner.  Ruffly cabbage, prei and red pepper.

cabbage, prei and red pepper

With lentils and brown rice.  We saved a lot of money by cooking for ourselves.

lentils, rice and veggiesgarden house 12

Canal 01

The Dutch mini van.

Who needs a mini van?

bikes galore

shop window

canal 2

We had a couple gigs in Amsterdam and met great people.

Emily plays a Bo Diddly beat with Jan Holtman.

Emily plays a Bo Diddly beat with Jan Holtman.  He reminded us of Harry Nilsson.


The garden house came with museum passes.  We visited beautiful museums in Amsterdam.








After a week in Amsterdam Jim and Emily headed to Ghent, Belgium;  and Brian and I went to Paris.



We rented a studio apartment in Paris.  It was spartan digs, but very close to the Louvre;  an amazing location for walking everywhere.

first morning in Paris

le petit dejeuner

my dresses hanging out in Paris

my dresses hanging out in Paris





Love locks bridge over the Seine

Love locks bridge over the Seine



The Louvre.                         063_IMG_4469


Centre Pompidou.106_IMG_4162   107_IMG_4644 109_IMG_4481 108_IMG_4479









I fell in love with this face at the Rodin Museum.


A Castle.





And up the Eiffel Tower.


Views from the top.


Thanks for reading the Wednesday Post!


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  1. Fantastic album! I wanna go…. To the same museums and to the place where Jeff and Kathy stayed and to all the other places….

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