Farewell, kind readers!

To everyone who has taken time out of their day to read my environmentally-themed blog, thank you!  I have gotten a lot from writing it.  Now I’m taking some time off from the Wednesday Post to re-dedicate myself to another love: music.  I’ve got many musical enterprises coming up, and this summer I’m giving my all to making it all happen.  Here’s what the rest of 2012 looks like.

Typsy Panthre

Typsy Panthre is my recording duo with phenomenal cat John Crozier, and we will be releasing our first full length album later this summer.  Wow!  I’m terribly proud of this record, which is different from anything I’ve done before.

For a taste, some Typsy Panthre videos.  Visit bandcamp for free downloads of these tracks.

The Starfolk

The Starfolk is my latest musical venture with my husband the ever-melodious Brian Tighe; along with exquisite musicians and friends Jacqueline Ultan and Stephen Ittner.   We are currently wrapping up our debut LP.  It’ll be a doozie!

Visit bandcamp for free downloads of Lemon Lime EP and  “Matter” (featured in Todd Cobery’s film Good Morning, Beautiful.)

MN Original did this story about The Starfolk when we were getting started:

Jim Ruiz Set

I was tickled to lend some guitar chops and vocals to the new  Legendary Jim Ruiz Group record laid down a few weeks ago; the first in fourteen years (really?  fourteen?) which will be coming out this year, under their new name Jim Ruiz Set.  Produced by Allen Clapp and featuring Emily Cahill, Charlotte Crabtree and a stellar cast of guest stars– this is going to be a gem.

In November the Starfolk will join Jim Ruiz Set to play the Chickfactor for the love of pop! London fest,  sharing the bill with a treasure trove of Chickfactor co-founder Gail O’hara’s favorite groups.  We are venturing to turn this trip into a mini European tour.  Pictured below is Jim Ruiz Set at Chickfactor for the love of pop! Brooklyn last April.  It was an unforgettable event.

Photo by Bleary Eyed Brooklyn.com. Jim Ruiz Set at the Bell House in Brooklyn

The Owls

The Owls is a group very dear to my heart.  It is the first band where I performed my own songs, alongside those of two of my favorite songbirds; Maria May and Brian Tighe.  We’ve been lying low for a couple years and have some new songs we are excited about.  Some old ones too.  We plan to get back in the studio this fall.  Hoot hoot hooray!

For an Owls primer, see Pitchfork and All Music reviews.

Also the Owls contribution to MPR’s Songs from Scratch project:

Video for The Way On

& Channel

And so it must be that I won’t be here every Wednesday as my radically awesome WP audience has come to expect.  I will miss our Wednesdays.

Thanks for reading the Wednesday Post.


5 responses to “Farewell, kind readers!

  1. I’m sure that one day you will write again. And keep in mind that you don’t have to write a lot to do a blog. You can always just post a sentence or two about what’s on your mind- whenever. In the meantime, you will be missed!

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