Jet Set Edibles: Flying With Liquids & Food

During  my last episode at an airport security checkpoint, a TSA guard threw away the remainder of my beautiful breakfast which I didn’t have time to finish and forgot was in my backpack.  FYI, sprouted buckwheat with cashew milk, shredded apple and ground flax apparently qualifies as a liquid.

This week I’m flying to New York City with my sister.   I wasn’t planning on messing with the complexities of transporting liquid food until Charlotte egged me on.  She wanted me to bring sunflower seed pate, one of her favorite foods, she says.

The same TSA guard who threw away my breakfast allowed me to carry a larger than 3 oz container of pâté aboard for lunch.  But a little rooting around online tells me that hummus and yogurt are officially considered liquid, so I decide to play it safe and figure out how best to travel with liquid food while abiding the TSA restrictions.

Jet Set Lunch Set: Lunch Blox

The max size for liquids on planes is 3.4 oz.  These Lunch Blox have a 3 oz capacity; and are BPA free.  I found them at Target.   Because of the overwhelming proliferation of plastic garbage in our environment, I’m always reluctant to buy new plastic containers.  But sometimes the right re-usable vessel allows me to avoid many  single-use containers down the line, so I decide to take the plunge.

Testing them out, I am able to fit four Lunch Blox in my TSA regulation size 1 quart ziplock, along with shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and face wash.

4 Lunch Blox + shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, face wash just barely fit in the TSA regulation 1 quart ziplock

For more liquid-y liquids: GoToobs

My mom, who manages the Minneapolis branch of the AAA Travel Store turned me on to GoToobs. They are food safe, come in three TSA friendly sizes, and are widely beloved by her customers.  They are made of silicon which makes them very sturdy and squeezable; for use with either food or toiletries.

Your Flight Footprint

On the topic of flying, you may already know that airplane travel is unfortunately one of modern society’s less sustainable activities.  Buying carbon offsets for air travel is more affordable than you may think, and Terra Pass was voted the Best Carbon Offset Provider by Tree Hugger, largely due to their commitment to transparency.  Not unlike a TSA approved Hefty One Zip.

Lunch Transparency: hummus, sunflower seed pâté, walnut and sun dried tomato pâté hitching a ride with shampoo

Thanks for reading the Wednesday Post.


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