Recycling in Minneapolis & A Few of My Favorite Recycled Things

I thought this bulletin from the Uptown Neighborhood News was worth repeating:

Minneapolis Residents can finally recycle more materials! 

In addition to existing materials (such as cans, glass, plastic bottles, cardboard, newspaper and office paper), the City is now accepting:

• food and beverage cartons – please rinse before recycling. Examples include milk and juice cartons; juice, soy milk, soup, broth and wine “boxes” refrigerated and frozen food boxes. Examples include frozen pizza boxes, frozen waffle boxes, butter cartons pop and beer cartons (any size) ALL plastic containers – please rinse and put caps and lids back on. Examples include yogurt, cottage cheese and margarine containers, microwavable food tray
produce and deli containers (also known as “clamshells”) no Styrofoam, plastics bags or egg cartons
Residents of East Calhoun who are participating in the single-sort pilot project can add these items directly to their cart with the blue lid. Residents of CARAG and elsewhere in the City should place all cartons and boxes in a paper bag, reusable cloth bag or reusable container less than 10 gallons in size; put plastics together in a separate paper or cloth bag or reusable container. Please label your reusable containers with a recycling sticker, free when you call 612.673.2917. Questions about recycling? Contact Sarah at or call the City at 612-673-2917

The Trashbasher

If you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and ever wondered “can I recycle this?” then have I got the site for you!  Check out The Trashbasher, a great blog that tells you where to recycle everything imaginable.  Thank you Kelly Maynard for recommending this fantastic resource.

Close the loop, choose recycled materials

So, we are sorting our plastic and the city is collecting it for recycling.  To make these actions remotely worthwhile, somebody has to use these materials.

When you see Nau Sustainable Urban + Outdoor Apparel, you will want to wear recycled just for the chic of it.  I had my eye on this sporty trench for months and was ready to pounce when it went on winter clearance a couple weeks ago.  I was pleased to see it came delivered in a very minimal envelope.

Recycled Polyester Shroud of Purrin Jacket by Nau

I don’t like taking pills or buying plastic bottles, but I definitely get sick less now that I take a vitamin regularly.  I switched to Rainbow Light brand when I discovered they use a 100% recycled and recyclable bottle.

Rainbow Vitamins in a 100% Recycled Bottle

I was shocked how much this recycled plastic closet organizer from the Container Store improved my winter.  Though it’s meant for shoes, it works a treat for managing our unruly assortment of hats, mittens and scarves.  Soon I’m going to switch it out for our more summery accoutrements.

recycled material closet organizer

Brian got me this Souldier brand guitar strap from Twin Town Guitars.  Souldier products are handmade in Chicago from Vintage deadstock material, recycled seatbelts and upholstery ends.  My sister Charlotte was oohhhing and ahhhing over my fancy strap at Jim Ruiz Set rehearsal.

Souldier Recycled Guitar Strap

So I got her a Souldier Strap for her birthday.

Charlotte’s Souldier Guitar Strap

Come see the straps for yourself next week when we play in Brooklyn at the Chickfactor For The Love Of Pop Showcase.

Thanks for reading the Wednesday Post!


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