A Wednesday Post World Premiere: Typsy Panthre “September Sun”


How does the little ole Wednesday Post get to world premiere a new music video by the group, the phenomenon, Typsy Panthre?  It helps that I’m in the band.  Also I’m told Typsy Panthre reads the Wednesday Post, though I should probably quiz them to be sure.

Typsy Panthre is Allison LaBonne and John Crozier, and “September Sun” is a track from our forthcoming full length, to be released summer 2012.  I took thousands of photos on a summer boatride down the Mississippi, and strung them together to make an animation.  If it looks enchanted it, it was!

Special thanks to shipmates Vanessa Messersmith, Jenny Adams Salmela, Molly Priesmeyer and Sarah Askari for their indulgence.  They really didn’t know what I was up to.  And this video is dedicated to Danny Sigelman who asked for a summer video in the middle of winter.  Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

You can download “September Sun” for free at bandcamp.com.  You can read more about Typsy Panthre in Danny’s blog for the City Pages.

Thanks for reading the Wednesday Post!


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