Earth is for Everyone

I was in quite a state; venting frustrations to my friend Jim Ruiz as we walked around Lake of the Isles last year.  I was complaining how we humans seem so cavalier toward the environment, as if now is all that matters and as if the ecosystems that keep this planet habitable have no breaking point.  People need to wake up!

I’ll always remember Jim’s words of wisdom.  “Maybe instead of worrying about the environment, you need to get out and enjoy it.  Go camping.  See beautiful sights.  Commune.”

It was the best advice Jim could’ve given me.  The fact is no matter what we do, we don’t know how long this place is going to last.  The most worthwhile path toward environmentalism probably comes simply from cultivating a deep sense of appreciation for the magnificent home we have here.

Sorry Jim, I still haven’t made it camping; but this year I took tons of photos, which gets me quickly to that awe-inspired place.  So this week I’m sharing some moving pictures (they are animations of still photos) which I hope you will enjoy.  Minneapolis is a beautiful place to live, and don’t forget to look up at the clouds.  My mother-in-law Patsy in San Diego reminds me that you don’t find clouds like that just anywhere.

This week Janey Winterbauer’s tote bag made me happy.  It was designed by Missy Austin of Zeus Jones for their client Cascadian Farms.  The caption is “Organic is for All of Us,” which gave me the idea for the title of this week’s blog.

Photo by Janey Winterbauer–Thanks, Janey!


13 responses to “Earth is for Everyone

  1. Allison, I signed to have your blog delivered to my email every Weds. I think Jim’s advice was/is excellent. Thanks to the both of you. I;m already lookimg forward to next Weds. Michael Mckevy

  2. Beautiful images! Nice music too, what is it?
    Have you been to Badlands National Park? You don’t need to be a mountain man to experience that place. The four of us should go there sometime.
    I remember that day, it’s a beautiful planet isn’t it.

    • Kate, I’m so glad you like the photos. I didn’t start taking photos until a year ago when I got my first cell phone. That is when the troglodyte that is Allison discovered the magic of having a camera with me everywhere I go. who knew?! beauty everywhere.

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