hello, my name is the wednesday post. i am a blog.


I’m not sure whether my sharp concern for the environment stems more from a love of the natural world, a loathing of senseless waste, or a yearning for a mass discovery that environmentally streamlining our modern lifestyles can be positive, life-affirming; maybe even fun?

In the past 10 years I have made changes in how I eat, how I transport myself, how I shop, how I clean, and overall how I think.

Still, my carbon footprint is far from halo-shaped, and I am regularly daunted by how deeply embedded shockingly wasteful habits are in my own life and in the culture at large.  This blog was conceived as a document of diving in regardless of the enormity of the problem; and invites you to simply start somewhere.

Striving for the creativity, prioritization, and persistence necessary to tread more lightly on the planet while living in a fast-paced and rampantly consumer culture can be seen as an act of generosity to the world and everyone in it.  It requires slowing down enough to observe our range of choices with greater clarity, and taking steps to unfetter ourselves from habits that are detrimental to our habitat.

Most of us have a million and one items on our to do lists, so I think it’s best to focus first and foremost on easy changes.  The ones that are so simple and subtle that you almost don’t bother because you think they won’t really make a difference.  As the 18th century British philosopher Edmund Burke said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”  And as Nike said,  just do it!


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